Around 2.4 billion sufferers are affected by tooth decay. There are many mistakes we make about the proper care we give our teeth and not even realize that it. These mistakes can result in dental problems and even a cost of loss.

Bright Side Bright Side strive to stay clear of dental mistakes , and would love it if we could avoid any toothaches that might occur in the future.


1. Do not ignore a smelly stench coming from your mouth

A bad smell coming from your mouth could be a sign of an unhealthy oral hygiene routine as well as gum illness. Sometimes, we don't notice an unpleasant odor on our own, however, people whom you speak to may smell it. In this situation you can use a simple method to determine if it is:


You can lick your wrist's inside.

Wait 5-10 seconds

You can smell your wrist.

You can also wipe the tongue's back with a finger or piece of cotton. Make sure not to go too far to avoid triggering you gag reflex.


2. Drinking after brushing

Of course you'll eat and drink after you've cleaned your teeth each morning. However, it's important that the taste of your toothbrush be the last taste of the day. The mere act of drinking tea prior to going to bed can impact your teeth in a negative way.

3. Rinsing your mouth after brushing

After you've cleaned your teeth, wash your mouth with water. Don't swallow it. Instead, take a sip! This can help reduce tooth decay by as much as 25 percent. The smell that the tooth brush has is very strong however, you'll soon be used to it.


4. Not enough time to brush

Just 30 seconds of time spent on your teeth each day could not guarantee a positive outcome. It can lead to tooth decay and other dental issues. It is recommended to spend at minimum 30 seconds in each of the four corners of your mouth. It's basically 2 minutes to complete the mouth.


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5. Too hard brushing

When you polish your teeth, you could be able to scrub them extremely hard. But, if you do, you could damage the enamel of your teeth and cause your teeth sensitive. It is also essential to choose the correct toothbrush for your preferences. It's recommended to speak the dentist.

6. Make sure you brush your teeth immediately following your meal, only

It is important to note you should brush your teeth as soon after eating could cause damage to your enamel particularly after you've had something acidic. It is recommended to avoid brushing your teeth for around 30 minutes.

7. Don't forget to change your toothbrush

In general, it is advised to change your toothbrush every three months, based on research. If you don't, change it when bristles become damaged. In this situation brushing will be efficient and every space and crevice will be scrubbed clean.


8. Do not change your toothbrush if you're sick

A toothbrush can't kill bacteria that reside in your mouth. If you're sick, replace your toothbrush as you would not want to get a bacterial infection in the future for a second time. Also, ensure that your toothbrush isn't in contact with any other during the period of time that you're sick.


Did you discover any interesting details in the article? What other dental issues are frequently ignored? We invite you to write your comments and share your experiences with us!

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